Cross Shaft Two Point Press


  • High rigid design minimize deflection and most suitable for progressive and general die application.

  • Opposed rotation crank to minimize side thrust force results best suitable for off center load.

  • A heavy duty dynamically balanced single disk combined clutch and brake.

  • Monitored forced automatic grease lubrication system.

  • User friendly simple and easy operation electrical and pneumatic controls.

Standard Accessory

  • Main Motor

  • Press Control System (BPC - 3.1) Touch Screen Panel Display with Error Message Digital Crank Angle Indicator.

  • Automatic Grease Lubrication Device.

  • Hydraulic Overload Protector.

  • Motorized Slide Adjustment.

  • Shut Height Indicator.

  • Production Counter.

  • Dual Solenoid Valve.

  • Programmable Cam Switch.

  • Counter Balance for Slide.

  • Portable Operation Stand.

Optional Accessory

  • Pneumatic Die Cushion.

  • Photo Electrical Safety Device.

  • Anti Vibration Mount.

  • Foot Switch.

  • Knockout Device.

  • Quick Die Change System.

  • Variable Speed Drive.

  • Coil And Strip Feeder.